Entrepreneurship Development Program

Entrepreneurship Development Workshop

Great leaders are made not born. Most behavioral theories insist on and protect their cases of reasoning with a substantial deal of artifacts. Would this be true with the case of entrepreneurs too? Well to a large extent this statement can hold fort even for entrepreneurs. An adequate amount of teaching, training, reflection and mentoring goes a long way in building future leaders. Individuals have massive capacities to transform themselves and others around them.


  • Who is Entrepreneur?
  • What is Entrepreneurship?
  • Road Map of Entrepreneur
  • Classifications of Entrepreneur
  • Character, Qualities & Skills of Entrepreneur
  • 1st Generation Entrepreneur
  • Factors Feeding the Entrepreneurial Fire
  • Ingredient in Entrepreneurs
  • 12 Rules for Startups
  • Entrepreneur Journey
  • Financial Freedom
  • Entrepreneurship vs. Employment


  • Stirring healthy competitions in the market
  • Influencing per capita income of the nation
  • Job creation
  • Innovation imperative to market relevance